1. You need to have resold at least 20+ IDs in the past 5 months. If you have done that, simply send a reseller request to my CS and we will give you 1 month of Reseller status automatically.
Email: [email protected]

2. You need to keep reselling at least 10+ IDs a month to keep your status

3. Once your status expires after 30 days, you will be notified on your account page.

4. When you see that your status is expired, simply place another 10+ person order to renew it.

5.That's it! Now go get that bread. You have the ability to make 80% or more in profit depending on how much you charge your client base.

Here are some BENEFITS:

1. Each order, no matter the size will receive 50% off (All IDs will be priced at $40-$60/ID). The only catch is that you will still have to pay for shipping on each order (Shipping via usps:$15 and the Rush shipping : $30).

2. Free Duplicates included!

3. Priority shipping on all of our orders!

4. Access to a numerous reselling resources.

5.AS a reseller, we will give you the opportunity to receive a few ID samples of your choice to show your customers in person. If you are interested, please email my CS for more information.

For every $100 spent on a resell order(excluding the shipping fee), $10 will be credited to your account. So $200 equals $20 in bonus points and $300 equals $30 in bonus points. $1-$99 will not receive bonus points due to production restraints. The amounts of any two orders cannot be added toward each other to get extra bonus points (i.e. the $30 of an $120 order and the $70 of an $170 cannot be added together to equal $100 for another $10 of bonus points). Each order is independent of the other.

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